Exhibition 2016-2017


Open Imagination’s doors! And get the audience to enjoy what your idea of an Incredible City looks like !

It may be a modern megalopolis or an ancient place. It may be frozen or forgotten. It may be powered by the sun or by imaginary alternative energies. It may be a luminescent haven freshly sprung from the ground or the unsafest place known to mankind after decades of decay… 
It may even already exist within the depths of your subconscious, just waiting to emerge and fascinate us!

Your very own city should only abide by one rule: being so Incredible that it takes our contemporary breathes away!



The EPAC, Academy of Contemporary Arts, the first Comics and Game Art School of Switzerland, Saxon, Wallis, Switzerland in collaboration with The FZ 15 Animation & Story Gallery, New Taipei City, Taïwan R.O.C, the MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C and its partner universities  are proud to announce the launch of the 3rd Imaginary Landscapes international art competition, which yearly edition will be focusing on « Incredible Cities ».