The posthuman

The posthuman is fast becoming a reality, although it is already present in virtual worlds in the avatar form, which gives players the feeling of immortality. Virtual worlds might be the first step in the fusion of man/machine.

In 1929, Fritz Lang’s famous mouvie, set in the year 2026, Métropolis takes place in a dystopian society where wealthy intellectuals rule from vast tower complexes, oppressing the workers who live in the depths below them.

Dystopia derives from ancient Greek δυσ- – bad, hard and τόπος place, landscapes. It can alternatively be called anti-utopia.

A dystopia is the idea of a society, generally of a speculative future, characterized by negative, anti-utopian elements, varying from environmental to political and social issues. Dystopian societies, usually hypothesized by writers of fiction, have culminated in a broad series of sub-genres and is often used to raise issues regarding society, environment, politics, religion, psychology, spirituality, or technology that may become present in the future. For this reason, Dystopias have taken the form of a multitude of speculations, such as pollution, poverty, societal collaps or political repression and totalitarism. Famous of Dystopian societies include NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR famous novel from Georges Orwell, a totalirarian invasive super strate – Brave New World, where the human population is placed under a caste of psychological allocation and Fahrenheit 451, novel from Ray Bradbury where the state burns books out of fear of what they may incite. The IRON HEEL, from Jack London was described by Erich Fromm as the earliest of the modern Dystopia.