Students doing an MA or BA may participate in this competition under the direction of a professor, a head of department, or a director.

The applicants can participate in the competition in teams.

Which media can be used in entries?

Digital Art, Animation 2d – 3d, New Media, Photography, Installation, Graphic Design, Illustration 2d – 3d

In digital format

Print size of digital art!

Ideal print size for digital art, illustration and graphic design 84.1cm x 118.9 cm (H x W) 150 ppp (7022 x 4967)

Minimal print size for digital art, illustration and graphic design 42cm x 29.7cm (H x W) 300 ppp (4961 x 3508)

Video format:

Dimension ideal , Full HD:  1920 x 1080, 29.97fps, H264, MP4
Smalled dimension accepted : 1280 x 720, 29.97fps, H264, MP4

Ownership / Copyright:

A. When the exhibition takes place, if the presence of the applicant/artist is required to create the selected installation on site, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei as well as Ecole Professionnelle des Arts Contemporains will supply the material and equipment needed for the exhibition. The applicant/artist should cover the travel expenses, including transportation and accommodation, etc. 

B. The ownership of copyright belongs to the applicant/artist. If the submitted artworks infringe the copyright law or any other related law, the applicant/artist should be solely responsible.

C. The applicant/artist agrees that the submitted information as well as the submitted artworks could be used in forms of photographs, video-recordings, and publications produced by the organizers without any charges for the purpose of exhibition promotion, education, website and archive information, research publication as well as academic exchange, etc.  
D. The applicant/artist agrees that the submitted document and/or digital files, including texts, designs, images, and video-recordings should be kept by the organizers without returning during or after the competition. 

E. The applicant/artist agrees that the permission of photography and/or video-recording of the submitted artworks during the exhibition should be granted by the organizers. The regulations should be made by the organizers.