Matthew Barney

Matthew Barney, human mutant, creation of a mythological universe.





Mariko Mori

Mariko Mori, a priestess of the temple of dreams, human existence is limited, she wants to show the existence of the spirit.


Wave UFO project                                            onesss

Inner Journey


Inner Journey – is a 3d interactive animation projected on the wall and create in this way a new virtual space.

Director/ Vick Wang
Installation Art/ Chien-Hua Lin
3D animation / Engine Studios.
Interactive Design / innoCirque New Media.
Sound Design/ Rick Hu


Richard Wright

Richard Wright considers artworks as ephemeral. The difficulty of creation and the effort involved cannot justify the immortality of painting. The fine brush wall paintings, that take weeks to make, are destroyed at the end of the exhibition.



The work of the Australian artist Stelarc is centered on the alteration of his body with robotics and tissue grafts. In 2007, Stelarc had a cell-cultivated ear surgically attached to his left arm.